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To be a successful lawyer, there are requirement of developing some important advocacy skills.

Research skills

Lawyers rely heavily on their ability to perform deep research into topics related to cases they work on. The ability to analyze details, ascertain information, infer context from clients and witnesses and othe applications are ras a lawyer. This profession often comes with documents, and datas requires to perform research and think critically about what to work on is an important advocacy skill to build.


All minute to minute details are very much important to the understand the case and the same gathers from documents and clients. however, attention to details requires to know to find out the inconsistencies in the case and for the preparation of case as well. Detail notes helps to build the case in right direction.

Organizational skills

In the profession of advocacy, organizational skills plays an important role. There are numerous documents, case related documents, records and briefs. Lawyers need to know how to arrange their briefs and all the documents in managed way. This way they can keep a proper track of schedules, hearings, appointments and other profession related managements.

Drafting skills

Advocacy is majorly based on drafting skills and writing techniques. Strong written communication is a desirable trait in this profession.

There are several written communication skills requires for making strong cases that include several tasks i.e. legal writing, case work, case study, making of notes, documenting caseloads, writing query of demands, applications and preparing case study.

Time management

As we all know that lawyers charge according to hour basis, which means staying on track for client meetings, hearings, mediation and other tasks. As scheduling and keeping track of all meetings and hearings which includes researching, compiling paper works, gathering information and getting ready with prepared case.

Interpersonal skills

For working with variety of diverse clients, professionals requires to interact with them. In this profession, interpersonal relations are important for preparation of case by gathering information from the clients and for resolving the case. This is an advantageous tool for growth in this profession.

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